"A dream I had when I was a little girl"

"I designed coloured costumes which I would then cut out and jealously store in a box that I still keep today as a small treasure.

Now, that dream has come true, and the thrill of giving life to something that many people can wear is a great satisfaction.

I wanted to transfer my eco-chic idea to each garment I designed, to combine the world of ice skating with everyday life.

ICENONICE, in fact, wants to be just that: “inside” and “outside” the ice, always together ”.


"Ethics, conscious consumption, Made in Italy, quality"

These are the values ​​that have paved the way for my first collection. For example, there is the choice of using Nilit Heat, a fabric created with vegetable carbon extracted from the peel of coffee beans.

A sustainable fabric that guarantees thermal insulation, therefore perfect for heat and cold. Clothing is not only fashion, but also a way of communicating with the world and can convey real social values..

A philosophy of life that I made my own on the ice and that I now want to transmit through my clothes too."


by Carolina Kostner